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Packages & Transports

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abapGit repositories do not store any SAP package names. The top (or root) SAP package for a repository is defined when creating a repository in your system
("New Online" or "New Offline"). You have two options to provide the SAP package:

  1. Let abapGit create the package automatically
  2. Create the package manually

If the repository contains sub packages, abapGit will create them automatically with the same settings as the top SAP package (see also Folder Logic).

Automatic Creation of Package

Just enter the name of the SAP package in the "New Online" or "New Offline" dialogs. The package does not have to exist. Then select "Create Online Repo" or "Create Offline Repo".

If the online repo does not include any SAP packages, then abapGit will prompt you for the package attributes when you select "Create Online Repo".

Manually Creation of Package

You can use an existing SAP package, create the package beforehand in transaction SE80, or create the package in the "New Online" or "New Offline" dialogs.


Based on the type of SAP package you use, abapGit will determine what type of transport will be required. When pulling or uninstalling the repo, abapGit will then prompt
for a corresponding transport request.

The following table lays out if abapGit can automatically create the package and how it determines the type of transport.

Change & Transport System
Local $-Package
Local Z-Package
Transportable Z-Package
Not configured(1)(2)n/an/a
One transport layer(1)(3)(4)(4)
Multiple transport layers(1)(3)(5)(5)

(1) Automatically create package, no transport

(2) Automatically create package, local workbench request

(3) Manually create package (without transport layer), local workbench request

(4) Automatically create package, transportable workbench request

(5) Automatically create package for default transport layer, transportable workbench request. Manually create package, if you want to use a different layer than the default.