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A git client for ABAP developed in ABAP

🚀 Getting started

Welcome to abapGit

abapGit is a git client for ABAP developed in ABAP. It requires ABAP version 702 SP 8 or higher.

Latest build: zabapgit_standalone.prog.abap

For questions, comments, bugs, feature requests, or other wishes please create an issueopen in new window.


abapGit is a tool to import and export code between ABAP systems. If a developer has a developer key to the system, the developer can perform these actions already. abapGit enables the developer to do mass export/changes/imports but not more than already possible to do manually.

Running automated security checks on the abapGit code will by design give a lot of errors, as abapGit will import, overwrite and change ABAP artifacts in the system in ways that might not be intended. Always review all code in remote repositories before importing to the target system, this is possible because abapGit is plain text unlike traditional transport files.

That being said, abapGit is used by multiple organizations, all abapGit changes are reviewed via pull requests. And all 100+ repository watchersopen in new window are automatically notified for every change to the code base, so potentially all changes are looked at by more people than traditional enterprise products.


It is a community effort to support the project, recommend watchingopen in new window the project to get a feeling about issue resolution. Everyone can suggest changes to abapGit via pull requestsopen in new window.

abapGit 1.99.0
abapGit 1.99.0

Community vs. SAP Distribution of abapGit

This website is documenting the community version of abapGit (available on GitHubopen in new window). The SAP version of abapGit available that is part of SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP S/4HANA Cloud is documented on in new window. When using the SAP version, please note that there are different capabilities and supported object types (as described by SAP). If the SAP version does not work correctly, open a ticket with SAP supportopen in new window.