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abapGit uses SIL and MIT-licensed fonts, they are included in the distribution as a MIME object. This includes MIME objects:

  • ZABAPGIT_ICON_FONT - font in WOFF format containing the custom icon set. WOFF is used due to compatibility, SAP GUI for Windows reusing Internet Explorer control (IE 11)

To add an icon to the icon set follow the next procedure:

  1. Add the icon to repo abapGit Icon Fontopen in new window as documented hereopen in new window
  2. Get the new abapGit font and icon files from the icon-font GitHub action
  3. Go to transaction SMW0 and display the abapGit MIME objects (Binary > Package $abapgit)
  4. Upload the new font file to ZABAPGIT_ICON_FONT
  5. Upload the new CSS file to ZABAPGIT_ICON_FONT_CSS
  6. Start abapGit and commit the changes the abapGit/abapGitopen in new window repo (preferably in a separate commit)

Please mind the licensing when adding icons that are not from Font Awesome.


Alternatively you can use w3mipolleropen in new window for the upload step. See also UI - CSS and assets.