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abapGitLess than 1 minutegetting-started

Standalone Version

To update to the current version, upload the code from zabapgit_standalone.prog.abapopen in new window into the ZABAPGIT_STANDALONE report (formerly ZABAPGIT_FULL) and activate the program.

Developer Version

If you have installed the abapGit developer version (in a separate package like $ABAPGIT), you can update the code automatically.

Online project

If your system is connected to the Internet, create an online repository for your abapGit package. When you view the repository and updates are available, a "Pull" link will appear in the menu. When you select "Pull", the system will download and install the latest version of the code.

Offline project

If your system is not connected to the Internet, create an offline repository. To update abapGit download the ZIP file from in new window, and select "Import ZIP" in your abapGit repository.

User Exits

Occasionally, abapGit will add new user exits. This might cause syntax errors in abapGit since the exit code is embedded as an include. It is therefore recommended to update the following together and run a syntax check of the main programs:

  • abapGit Standalone Version + zabapgit_user_exit
  • abapGit Developer Version + zcl_abapgit_user_exit


Updates to abapGit can on occasion be quite significant and cause issues like inactive objects, diffs, or even dumps. If you run into such issues, please proceed as follows:

  1. Install and activate the latest standalone version (see above).
  2. Run the standalone version to update the abapGit developer version.
  3. If the update is not complete, delete any inactive objects or objects with diffs completely (like inactive classes in SE24).
  4. Restart the standalone version and perform a new "Pull" or "Import ZIP".
  5. If this does not resolve the problem, open an issue on GitHubopen in new window.