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The primary front-end for abapGit is SAP GUI for Windows. With limitations, abapGit can work with SAP GUI for Java and SAP GUI for HTML.

The abapGit application is displayed using a SAP GUI HTML Control embedded in SAP GUI.

SAP GUI for Windows

abapGit is working without restrictions for SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 or higher when using the HTML Control based on Internet Explorer.

With SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 or higher, there is the option to use Edge (based on Chromium) as the HTML Control. Unfortunately, this control currently does not handle the SAPEVENT protocol when triggered by JavaScript which is used by abapGit (see below). Until this gap is closed by SAP, it's recommended to use the Internet Explorer HTML Control.


Starting with SAP GUI for Windows 8.00, the Edge (based on Chromium) HTML Control is the default setting.

Workaround 1:

Switch SAP GUI to use the Internet Explorer control in general.

SAP GUI IE Control Setting
SAP GUI IE Control Setting

Workaround 2:

Configure Internet Explorer as a fallback solution for abapGit. The solution is described in SAP Note 2957665:

  1. Implement SAP Note 3153691
  2. Add an entry to your Windows registry configuring the fallback for abapGit For your convinience, you can download preconfigured BrowserControllFallback.reg and merge it to your registry. It points to BrowserControlFallback.xml.

Known issues:

Relevant SAP Notes:

SAP GUI for Java

When you start abapGit for the first using SAP GUI for JAVA, you will get a warning that this GUI is not supported and there might be issues.

You may confirm that you want to use this GUI anyway and continue.

Known issues:


abapGit also works with SAP GUI for HTML. However, using the browser "Back" feature leads to an unusable state (see below). The workaround is to use "Back" buttons or menu items provided by abapGit.

Known issues:


A plain HTML version that runs in any browser is available as a proof-of-conceptopen in new window.

This solution is currently limited by the fact that will uses several SAP GUI popups that don't work in a browser.