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Using the standalone version for debugging is not recommended since the very large source will have to be loaded and parsed by the debugger. It's much more efficient to debug using the developer version.

If you suspect an issue in the object serializer classes, then be sure to disable parallel processing in the abapGit settings. Otherwise, the debugger will not stop at your break points.

In case you can't resolve or pinpoint the issue, try to reproduce it using a case from the abapGit-testopen in new window organization. If you don't find a test case, open an issue and we will create a new repo for it.


Some pages in abapGit contain JavaScript. If the script fails, you typically see the following banner:

Script Issue
Script Issue

Also, the lower right corner of the HTML output will NOT show "JS OK". Troubleshooting depends on the type of SAP GUI you are using.


Check SAP GUI Setup for known issues related to SAP GUI.

SAP GUI for Windows

If you are using SAP GUI 7.6 or below, or SAP GUI 7.7 and higher with Internet Explorer browser control, then follow these instructions on how to use the IE Debugger in abapGit:

Obscure productivity tips: Debug Javascript running within SAPGUI browseropen in new window

If you are using SAP GUI 7.7 or higher with Edge (Chrome) browser control, use the developer tools that come with WebView2:

General: Debug WebView2 Appsopen in new window
SAP Note 3099670open in new window - SAP GUI for Windows Chromium-based Edge Control: Adding remote debugging feature
How to Debug WebView2 in SAP GUIopen in new window

SAP GUI for HTML (Web)

Troubleshooting depends on the type of browser you are using.

SAP GUI for Java

JavaScript is not supported with this SAP GUI.

Web Edition

Running abapGit completely in a browser is still a proof-of-concept. Open an issue hereopen in new window.