Background Mode

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Background Mode

abapGit can pull or push in background mode. This setting has to be activated on the repository-level.

  • Navigate to a repository, go to the repository settings and select "Background":
  • Here you can define the action that will be executed in background mode, by default the setting is "Do Nothing".
  • To activate an automatic pull for a repository, select "Automatic pull". After saving, a background icon will appear next to the branch name
  • You can run the action immediately by clicking on "Run background logic". Note: this will execute the background logic for ALL repositories with background mode enabled.


  • To get an overview of all repositories that have background mode enabled, navigate from the Repository List to "Settings" -> "Database Utility"
  • The relevant repositories will have the type "BACKGROUND".

Defining a Job

  • To periodically run the background logic, you can define a job with transaction SM36.
  • Create a step for program ZABAPGIT (or ZABAPGIT_STANDALONE, depending on which version of abapGit you are using). This will execute all defined background activities.
  • You can check the log of the job with transaction SM37