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Import ZIP

abapGitLess than 1 minuteoffline projects

Download ZIP File

An offline project is based on a ZIP file that contains all files of a git repository.

First, download the latest version of the project you want to import.

Import ZIP File

  1. Connect to SAP in language English (EN)
  2. Run abapGit:
    • If you have installed the standalone version: in transaction SE38, run the program you created (ZABAPGIT_STANDALONE or ZABAPGIT_FULL or other)
    • If you have installed the developer version: run transaction ZABAPGIT
  3. Select New Offline
  4. Enter the project name and select an existing package or create a new package
  5. Select Import zip
  6. Select the ZIP file (eg.
  7. Select Pull zip


abapGit can only import files with LFopen in new window as line-terminator.
If you clone a project on windows with git cli to pack into a ZIP file later on, configure git not replace LF by CRLF:

git config [--global, --local, --system] core.autocrlf false