Supported object types

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Type Description Supported
ACID Checkpoint Group Yes
AOBJ Archiving Object #804
ASFC Field Catalog Yes
ASIS Archiving Information Structure #1579
AUTH Authorization Check Fields Yes
AVAS Classification #1360
BDEF Behaviour Definition #2021
BMFR Application Component #2108
BOBF BOPF: Business Object Model #165
CHAR Object characteristic Yes
CHDO Change Document Object #802
CLAS Class (ABAP Objects) Yes
CMOD Customer enhancement projects #151
CMPT Code Composer Template Yes
CUS0 Customizing IMG Activity Yes
CUS1 Customizing Transactions Yes
CUS2 Customizing Attributes Yes
DCLS ABAP Data Control Language Sources Yes
DDLS Data Definition Language Source Yes
DDLX CDS metadata extension Yes
DEVC Package Yes
DIAL Dialog Module Yes
DOCT General Text Yes
DOCV Documentation (Independent) Yes
DOMA Domain Yes
DSYS Chapter of a Book Structure Yes
DTEL Data Element Yes
ECAT eCATT Test Script Yes
ECSD eCATT System Data Container Yes
ECSP eCATT Start Profile Yes
ECTC eCATT Test Configuration Yes
ECTD eCATT Test Data Container Yes
ECVO eCATT Validation Object Yes
ENHC Composite Enhancement Implementation Yes
ENHO Enhancement Implementation Yes
ENHS Enhancement Spot Yes
ENQU Lock Object Yes
ENSC Composite Enhancement Spot Yes
FORM SAPscript form Yes
FUGR Function Group Yes
FUGS Function Group with Customer Include: SAP Part #2851
FUGX Function Group with Customer Include: Customer Part #2851
G4BA SAP Gateway OData V4 Backend Service Group & Assigments Yes
G4BS SAP Gateway OData V4 Backend Service Yes
IAMU Language-Independent IAC Binary Data Yes
IARP Parameters of IAC Language Resource Yes
IASP Parameters of an IAC service Yes
IATU Language-Independent IAC Templates Yes
IDOC IDoc Type Yes
IEXT Enhancement Yes
INTF Interface (ABAP objects) Yes
IWMO Gateway Business Suite Enablement - Model Yes
IWOM Gateway: Model Metadata Yes
IWPR Gateway Business Suite Enablement - Service Builder Project Yes
IWSG Gateway: Service Groups Metadata Yes
IWSV Gateway Business Suite Enablement - Service Yes
JOBD Technical Job Definition Yes
LPDC Launchpad short texts #107
MSAG Message Class Yes
NROB Number Range Objects Yes
OTGR Object type group #1515
PARA SPA/GPA Parameters Yes
PDTS Standard Task #153
PDWS Workflow templates #154
PERS Personalization object Yes
PINF Package interface Yes
PRAG Pragma in ABAP Source Code Yes
PROG Program Yes
SAJC Application job catalog entry #1580
SAJT Application job template 1581
SAMC ABAP Messaging Channels Yes
SAPC ABAP Push Channels Yes
SCP1 BC Set or Customizing Profile #1004
SFBF Business Function + Assignment Yes
SFBS Business Function Set + Assignment Yes
SFPF Form Object: Form Yes
SFPI Form Object: Interface Yes
SFSW Switch + Assignment of Objects to the Switch Yes
SHI3 General structure storage: Definition of a structure Yes
SHI5 Gen. hierarchy storage extrension name Yes
SHI8 SFW Switch Assignment in Hierarchy Tool Yes
SHLP Search Help Yes
SHMA Shared Objects: Defined Area Attributes Yes
SICF ICF Service Yes
SMIM Info Object from the MIME Repository Yes
SMTG OM: Email Template  
SOTS All Concepts (OTR) of a Package - Long Texts Yes
SPLO Format Types Yes
SPRX Proxy Object Yes
SQSC Database Procedure Proxy Yes
SRFC RFC Service Yes
SSFO SAP Smart Form Yes
SSST SAP Smart Style Yes
STYL SAPscript style Yes
SUCU Authorization Groups (TBRG_AUTH) Yes
SUSC Authorization object class Yes
SUSH Assignment: Service –> Authorization Objects #1582
SUSO Authorization object Yes
SXCI Business Add-Ins - Implementations Yes
TABL Table Yes
TOBJ Definition of a Maintenance and Transport Object Yes
TRAN Transaction Yes
TTYP Table Type Yes
TYPE Type Group Yes
UCSA Unified Connectivity Service Assembly Yes
UDMO Data model Yes
UENO Entity type Yes
VCLS View cluster Yes
VIEW View Yes
W3HT Web Reporting/Internet Transaction Server HTML Templates Yes
W3MI Web Reporting/Internet Transaction Server MIME Types(binary Yes
WAPA BSP (Business Server Pages) Application Yes
WDCA Web Dynpro Application Configuration #79
WDCC Web Dynpro Component Configuration #78
WDYA Web Dynpro Application Yes
WDYN Web Dynpro Component Yes
WEBI Virtual End Point Yes
XINX Extension Index Yes
XSLT Transformation Yes

If additional object types are required please open an issue

Support for customizing planned, see #1004

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