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abapGit supports namespaces. Objects with namespaces can be serialized and deserialized, for example /FOOBAR/REPORT to #foobar#report.prog.abap. The namespace itself is serialized as well, for example /FOOBAR to #foobar#.nspc.xml. This XML-file contains the repair license key for the namespace (but not the developer license key).

Currently, abapGit will automatically serialize namespaces and update existing namespaces when pulling from the repo. abapGit is not yet able to create the namespace automatically, if it does not exist in the local system. You have to create the namespace manually, first.


You can create the namespace as follows:

  1. Create namespace in transaction SE03, namespace role = C, and add the repair license
  2. Open namespace for modifications in SE03
  3. Create namespaced package (optional)
  4. Clone/pull like normal

Objects will appear as repaired in the customer system, compare with git source to determine if the objects are modified.