Icon Legend

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The following list provides a quick reference to icons used in abapGit.

See also abapGit Icon Font.

Icon Description Code
Arrow Down (chevron-down)
Arrow Left (chevron-left)
Arrow Right (chevron-right)
Arrow Up (chevron-up)
Favorite (star)
File - Binary (file-image)
File - Code (file-code)
File - General (file)
File - Object (file-alt)
Folder (folder)
Message - Error (exclamation-circle)
Message - Warning (exclamation-triangle)
Message - Info (info-circle-solid)
Help (question-circle-solid)
News/Changelog (arrow-circle-up)
Object - Inactive (bolt)
Object - Locked (lock)
OK (check)
In Progress (circle-solid)
Failure (times-solid)
Repository - Branch (code-branch)
Repository - Merge (code-commit)
Repository - Offline (plug)
Repository - Online (cloud-upload-alt)
Repository Picker (bars)
SAP Package (box)
SAP Transport (truck-solid)
Settings (cog)
Utilities (tools-solid)
User (user-solid)
Edit (edit-solid)
(currently not used) (fire-alt)
(currently not used) (sliders-h)
(currently not used) (snowflake)
(currently not used) (briefcase)
(currently not used) (cloud-commit)
(currently not used) (cloud-solid)