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.abapgit.xml is a special abapGit file. It contains meta information of the abapGit project.

.abapgit.xml can be edit via “Repo menu > Advanced > Repo settings” or via “abapGit menu > Advanced > Database util”.

Example: abapGit’s own .abapgit.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<asx:abap xmlns:asx="" version="1.0">



The .abapgit.xml file must be located in the root folder of the git repository.

Master Language

The language in which all documentation and dictionary elements texts will be created. Follows SAP sy-langu values. Note that this implies that all objects in a repository will/should have the same master language.

Starting Folder

The Git repository folder that defines the root folder where deserialization starts.

Folder Logic

abapGit follows two folder logics: PREFIX and FULL


A package name must contain its parent package name as a prefix. Examples:

Valid prefix:

will give folder structure /bar/qux/

Invalid prefix:

The folder logic PREFIX allows to install the repository into a different parent package. This can even be local packages($*), in that case no transport order is required.


Any package name is accepted

will give folder structure /zsomething/zhello/

The folder logic FULL forces the installation of the repository into packages with exactly the same name. This can be problematic for contributors who use a system where specific prefixes for the package names are to be used.


Files which abapGit will not download into your ABAP system.



Local Settings

Write protected

Write protected is described here: Write protected

Ignore subpackages

Subpackages would be ignored through this option.

Only local objects


Code inspector

The repository objects can be checked with the Code inspector before staging.

Code inspector check variant

By entering the Code inspector variant, the check is activated.

Block commit commit/push if code inspection has erros

This option can be used to prevent staging if errors occur in the Code Inspector.