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Git client for ABAP – alpha release -Lars Hvam


How can I use Git and GitHub for SAP software development? -Ethan Jewett


Implementing modern practices in an ABAP development shop -Ethan Jewett

SAP Inside Track Hamburg -Lars Hvam

SAP Inside Track Munich -Hendrik Neumann

SAP Teched Barcelona -Lars Hvam


SAP d-kom Karlsruhe -Lars Hvam

First look at ABAPGit & ideas on a feature -Alex Cook

SAP Inside Track Ballerup, May 6th -Lars Hvam

ABAP – Using git for safety and transparency -Lars Hvam

Mastering SAP Technologies, Melbourne, May 23rd -Graham Robinson

abapGit – so easy -Graham Robinson

SAUG National Summit 2017, September 5th -Graham Robinson

abapGit Branching Strategy Discussion -André Schaarschmidt

SAP Teched Las Vegas -Graham Robinson

abapGit, IT Conference on SAP Technologies, Cluj -Lars Hvam

abapGit NET53819 SAP Teched Barcelona -Lars Hvam

Getting started – Open sourcing ABAP code -Lars Hvam

ABAP and the Cloud -Karl Kessler

Innovative, Disruptive, Enterprise Focused and Boring – Choose Four. Reflections on SAP TechEd -RedMonk


abapGit (in German) -Enno Wulff

ABAP Code Reviews with abapGit -Eduardo Copat

Get into Git! - Mike Pokraka

ABAP – The Special Snowflake - Nigel James

Is SAP’s ABAP a special snowflake or has a Git run it over? - Den Howlett


Moderne ABAP Entwicklung mit abapGit - Christian Günter

Coffee Corner Radio - ABAP - The Special Snowflake with Nigel & Graham, Jacob, Nigel, Graham

DSAG Tech Days 2018 - DevOps in SAP ABAP Landscapes, Sascha Junkert

SAP Inside Track Berlin 2018 - DevOps in SAP ABAP Landscapes, Sascha Junkert

SAP Inside Track Bern 2018 - modern ABAP development with abapGit, Christian Günter

DSAG - abapGit, Lars Hvam

abapGit & lint, Mustafa Kerim Yılmaz

Using abapGit and Phabricator for easy and simultaneously development on different multi-system-landscapes, Sascha Wächter


abapGit for enterprise, executive summary, Alexander Tsybulsky

Introducing APACK – A Package and Dependency Manager for ABAP, Sebastian Wolf

ASUG82855 - How Microsoft Uses Git for ABAP Code Management, Gopal Nair and Ram Bairavarsu

Brainstorming on abapGIT, Jörg Krause

APACK - ABAP Package and Dependency Manager, Sebastian Wolf

Versioning your local objects using abapgit, Frederik Hudak

Improving your ABAP code quality with open-source tools, Johan Wigert (in Swedish)

Doing DevOps with SAP, Abel Wang, Ram and Gopal


How we do ABAP code review using abapGit, Michael Pang

The journey to Git-based ABAP development: Part 1, Marcello Urbani

The journey to Git-based ABAP development: Part 2, Marcello Urbani

The journey to Git-based ABAP development: Part 3, Marcello Urbani

Inside Steampunk – Vital parts of Steampunk’s abapGit, Andre Becker

Automatically generate issues from source code, Enno Wulff

CTS is beautiful, Lars Hvam

abapGit and namespace, Michael Keller

Data exchange with your github repository using abapGit, Enno Wulff


Our Journey with SAP ERP DevOps Part 1/2, Nestor Lara

Our Journey with SAP ERP DevOps Part 2/2, Nestor Lara

ABAP Code Review Guideline is out, Christoph Pohl

Automagic standalone renaming of ABAP objects, Lars Hvam

abapGit for Beginners, Marc Bernard

A Practical Guide to DevOps for SAP ERP, Nestor Lara


Export Objects from SAP System to Github Indirectly (ABAPGIT Offline Mode), Aditya Aufar

Storing ABAP build artifacts in OCI registry, Lars Hvam

Managing SAP Application Dependencies with abapGit and APACK, Limor Wainstein

Part 5: Using ABAPGit to Transfer On-Premise ABAP Source Code to SAP BW bridge, Wilson Kurian

4 abapGit Use Cases That Will Blow Your Mind (and gCTS won’t help a bit), Marc Bernard

ABAP File Formats, Albert Mink & Lars Hvam