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abapGit exists in 2 flavours: standalone version or developer version.


abapGit requires SAP BASIS version 702 or higher.

Install standalone version

  1. Download the ABAP code(right click -> save-as) to a file.
  2. Via SE38 or SE80, create a new report named ZABAPGIT_STANDALONE (formerly ZABAPGIT_FULL). NB: Don’t use the name ZABAPGIT if you plan to install the developer version.
  3. In source code change mode, upload the code from the file using Utilities -> More Utilities -> Upload/Download -> Upload
  4. Activate

Typically, abapGit will only be used in the development system, so it can be installed in a local $ package (e.g. $ZABAPGIT).

Now you can use abapGit by executing the report in transaction SE38.

Setup SSL

To use the online feature, SSL must be setup. Offline projects will work behind firewalls and without SSL.

Install developer version

  1. Download latest version
    1. Go to
    2. Select Code > Download ZIP
    3. Save file
  2. Connect to SAP in language EN
  3. In transaction SE38, run program ZABAPGIT_STANDALONE
  4. Select + Offline
  5. Select existing package or create new package (eg: a local $ package)
  6. Select Import zip
  7. Select file
  8. Select Pull zip
  9. Activate

Transaction ZABAPGIT is now available