Development Guidelines

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Object Types

abapGit is merged into a stand-alone version. For this reason, the only allowed object types for new repository objects are classes and interfaces. In particular, function groups or modules must not be included.

Exceptions for existing objects:



Variables are prefixed using the standard setting in abapOpenChecks Naming Conventions


abapGit is targeted for version 702, so the code should only contain expressions/statements that works on 702. abaplint will automatically check every PR for language syntax that is not available on 702.

Pretty Printer

Use pretty printer, keywords upper case + indentation, abapOpenChecks can be used for checking this


For user interface, we are moving towards everything in HTML, ie. new dynpro screens or use of dynpro screens should not be added to the source code.


Pull requests must pass all abaplint configured checks before they can be merged.

Internationalization (I18N)

abapGit supports only English language. Neither objects nor text literals are translated. Therefore, all objects shall be set to English as the original language and text literals in the code shall be maintained in English.

Since there’s only one language, using the ##NO_TEXT pragma is not required and will actually lead to lint errors. The exception are global class and interface definitions, where the pragmas are added automatically by SE24/SE80.