UI - HTML pages

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This doc covers page creation, html rendering and event handling.


GUI components

abapGit UI is based on HTML and CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER. Main parts are:

Rendering content

An example of RENDER_CONTENT (or any other helper method with HTML output)

METHOD render_content.

    CREATE OBJECT ro_html.

    ro_html->add( '<div>' ).
    ro_html->add( '<h1>My content</h1>' ).
    ro_html->add_icon( 'star/error' ).
        iv_txt = 'click me'
        iv_act = 'some_event_handled_in_abap' ).
    ro_html->add( render_some_complex_stuff( ) ).
    ro_html->add( '</div>' ).


Html helper

ro_html which is the instance of ZCL_ABAPGIT_HTML is helper tool for html rendering. It accumulates html content and then can output it with render method. It has a couple of important methods:


Sub-classing ZCL_ABAPGIT_GUI_PAGE is not the only way to render the content. You may want to separate some visual component which is not a page e.g. ZCL_ABAPGIT_GUI_VIEW_REPO is a class like that. In essence you have to implement ZIF_ABAPGIT_GUI_RENDERABLE and it’s method - render. Then you can reuse it or even pass directly to GUI class as a page to render.

Router and event handlers

To process sapevents in abap the component (page) must implement ZIF_ABAPGIT_GUI_EVENT_HANDLER=>on_event. It has the same importing params as sapevent handler of cl_gui_html_viewer, please refer SAP official documentation for param meaning and detail. For the exporting params see below.

Events can be processed on 2 levels - in page or in the router. If an event occures, the GUI checks if the current page implements ZIF_ABAPGIT_GUI_EVENT_HANDLER and if so calls it. If the event was not handled by the page (see below how this is indicated) the event is passed to the router.

Router (ZCL_ABAPGIT_GUI_ROUTER) is the class which handle global abapGit commands like opening specific pages and actions like repo installation/deletion.

In order to indicate the result of event handling an on_event implementation must return ev_state (element of zcl_abapgit_gui=>c_event_state) and, optionally, ei_page: