Adding icons

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abapGit uses SIL and MIT licensed fonts, they are included in the distribution as a MIME object. This includes MIME objects:

To add an icon to the icon set follow the next procedure:

  1. You need nodejs installed (version 10 at the time of this doc creation)
  2. Fork/clone this repo
  3. Run npm install inside
  4. Download Font Awesome free version
  5. Copy new SVGs to svg folder of the repo
  6. Run npm run build, this will generate woff and css files in the build dir
  7. Upload artifacts to the system via SMW0 to the respective objects
  8. Preferable commit the change in a separate commit
  9. Commit changes to icon-font repo too (newly included SVGs)

Please mind the licensing when adding icons not from Font Awesome

P.S. Alternatively you can use w3mipoller for upload step