Adding Icons

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abapGit uses SIL and MIT licensed fonts, they are included in the distribution as a MIME object. This includes MIME objects:

To add an icon to the icon set follow the next procedure:

  1. Add the icon to repo abapGit/icon-font as documented here
  2. Get the new abapGit font and icon files from the icon-font GitHub action
  3. Go to transaction SMW0 and display the abapGit MIME objects (Binary > Package $abapgit)
  4. Upload the new font file to ZABAPGIT_ICON_FONT
  5. Upload the new CSS file to ZABAPGIT_ICON_FONT_CSS
  6. Start abapGit and commit the changes the abapGit/abapGit repo (preferably in a separate commit)

Please mind the licensing when adding icons not from Font Awesome.

P.S. Alternatively you can use w3mipoller for upload step. See also UI - CSS and assets.