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Git client for ABAP – alpha release -Lars Hvam


How can I use Git and GitHub for SAP software development? -Ethan Jewett

Implementing modern practices in an ABAP development shop -Ethan Jewett

SAP Inside Track Hamburg -Lars Hvam

SAP Inside Track Munich -Hendrik Neumann

SAP Teched Barcelona -Lars Hvam


SAP d-kom Karlsruhe -Lars Hvam

First look at ABAPGit & ideas on a feature -Alex Cook

SAP Inside Track Ballerup, May 6th -Lars Hvam

ABAP – Using git for safety and transparency -Lars Hvam

Mastering SAP Technologies, Melbourne, May 23rd -Graham Robinson

abapGit – so easy -Graham Robinson

SAUG National Summit 2017, September 5th -Graham Robinson

abapGit Branching Strategy Discussion -André Schaarschmidt

SAP Teched Las Vegas -Graham Robinson

abapGit, IT Conference on SAP Technologies, Cluj -Lars Hvam

abapGit NET53819 SAP Teched Barcelona -Lars Hvam

Getting started – Open sourcing ABAP code -Lars Hvam

Innovative, Disruptive, Enterprise Focused and Boring – Choose Four. Reflections on SAP TechEd -RedMonk


abapGit (in German) -Enno Wulff