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Regular backup

Editing Using abapGit and abapGitServer for regular backup


  1. Install abapGit

  2. Use abapGit to install abapGitServer

  3. Create repository in abapGitServer via the web interface

  4. Clone the repository using abapGit, into the package that should be backed up. abapGit will not delete any objects in the package

  5. Enable write protection

  6. Test backup by staging + commit + pushing from abapGit manually

  7. Configure “background mode” for repository, Advanced -> Background mode.

7a. Set to “Automatic push”,

7b. Enter username and password(note: password will be stored in clear text). If abapGit and abapGitServer runs on the same ABAP server, then no password is required, as it will automatically use logon tickets.

7c. Set commit author = “Automatic” this will find the user which last changed the objects and use these in the commits.

  1. On the background mode page: click “Run background logic” to test the setup works

  2. Configure ZABAPGIT to run as background job(SM36/SM37). Note: a dummy variant has to be created for the program, use SE38 to create the variant, values in the variant are not used for anything in background mode.