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ABAP Report

Copy the ABAP code into new report via SE38 or SE80. To update abapGit to a newer version, replace the code in the report with the most recent.

To use the online feature, SSL must be setup. Offline projects will work behind firewalls and without SSL.

STRUST/SSL setup(online projects only)

Option A - Chrome
  1. On chrome, go to https://github.com
  2. Click on the locker near the address bar, then click on “Details”
  3. The developer tools will open at the Security tab. Click on “View certificate”
  4. Go to the “Details” tab and click on “Copy to file…” to export to a .CER file
  5. Open the “Certification path” tab and navigate to the parent node at the tree, do this until the root
Option B - Firefox
  1. Use Firefox to go to https://github.com
  2. Click on the lock icon and then “More Information …” and there “View Certificate”
  3. Switch to the Details Tab and choose the first certificate of the tree and click Export
  4. Do the same for the next certificate in the tree
Option C
  1. Goto github, find the certificate that it is using
  2. Download certificate from https://www.digicert.com/digicert-root-certificates.htm
Then continue here
  1. Install the certificates in STRUST transaction:
    • Click on the Change button
    • Open “SSL System Client SSL Client (Anonymous)” folder
    • In the third box, Certificate, click on the bottom-left button “Import certificate” and “Add to certificate list”.
    • Upload all the downloaded certificates
    • Save

Report ZABAPGIT_TEST_SSL can be used to verify that the connection works.

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The certificate list should end up looking something like this:

Proxy setup(online projects only)

If your server is behind a proxy, it can be configured under Advanced -> Settings,


Run report